Dear Friends,

Our friends at Palomancy Pigeon and Dove Adoption is over capacity! Please help save birds’ lives by creating a large, munch-needed avaiary at Ploughshares Nursery in Alameda. This new partnership wil save lives while also raising awareness, inspiring compassion & increasing adoptions!

PLEASE help us by donating at and sharing this link:

Palomacy already has $1500 in matching donations pledged to help us build this aviary! Your generous helped is needed ASAP to raise the balance so we can move birds in on December 19th!Palomacy has the opportunity to build another much-needed predator and rodent-proof aviary to house pigeons awaiting adoption. Your donation will be doubled by generous matching donations! Each $1 you donate will mean we are $2 closer to meeting our goal! The aviary will be 16′ x 8′ x 8′ and we will pre-build & install it at Ploughshares on Saturday December 19th. You’re invited to help!Palomacy urgently needs more help and foster capacity to serve the unreleasable pigeons of the Bay Area. Smart, gentle, beautiful domestic pigeons need foster and forever homes to avoid being killed in shelters. They are under-served in the animal welfare community despite being bred and used as meat and messengers, for sport, hobby and ceremony, throughout human history and continuing to this day. Pigeons are worthy of adoption just as all homeless companion animals are. People are amazed and transformed when they meet pigeons and very moved by their resilience, adaptability and positive outlook.This aviary, located in a beautiful, positive setting that is open to the community, will offer advantages that our home-based network of foster homes cannot (we don’t have a shelter facility). The birds and our mission will benefit from the heightened awareness offered by a public rather than private location. The birds fostered at a new aviary located at Ploughshares Nursery in Alameda will not only reduce overcrowding in our current foster homes but will also serve as ambassadors, doing pigeon diplomacy and  inspiring adoptions, donations and volunteers as well as greater awareness of birds in shelter/rescue and a kinder understanding of pigeons overall. The aviary will include humane education info & FAQ signage.

This partnership promises to:
Increase Palomacy’s foster capacity by up to 18 pigeons
Introduce gardeners to the life-saving beauty of rescued pigeon aviaries
Increase public awareness about birds in shelters and rescues needing homes
Increase awareness of and compassion for the plight and potential of pigeons
Increase potential for collaboration on workshops, humane education & events
Add the attraction of a humane, rescue-based aviary at Ploughshares
Increase involvement opportunities for the Ploughshares community
Increase collaboration between social justice allies
Increase potential adoptions, volunteers and supporters generated
Bring delight to Ploughshares’ staff and customers and Palomacy volunteers and adopters

Ellen and Portia