Our garden is often visited by a couple of hummingbirds. It’s always a treat to see them zig zag about and enjoy the nectar from the various flowers. Luckily, I was able to capture a visitation with our camera!

To help ward off raccoons, we placed several trays of rags soaked in ammonia. This was a great tip we stumbled across to help repel raccoons without hurting them. It has worked like a charm. After we initially did this, on a couple of occasions, I witnessed a raccoon straddling our fence hesitant to come down due to the ammonia. It wanted to so badly but the smell was far greater than the reward. A few months later all evidence of raccoon damage to the garden had ceased. It’s safe to say that we have been taken off their nightly route. But just in case I still refresh the trays with ammonia every few days. But this little hummingbird found one of the ammonia trays interesting and came very close to drinking from it, probably thinking it was a water source!

That's no good, little hummingbird! Stay away!

That’s no good, little hummingbird! Stay away!

Oh so curious...

Oh so curious…

Luckily, this cutie finally sensed it was not what it seemed and found his/her way to actual water.

There's the water!

There’s the water!

And there he/she is enjoying the refreshing water.

Just making sure...

Just making sure…

Little hummingbird quenching its thirst.

Little hummingbird quenching its thirst.

It warms my heart to know that this hummingbird and many other birds know to come to us for water and food.